Jody Zellen Design Portfolio

Selected Print Design

As a print designer I have created logos, flyers, brochures, invitations and publications. I have done freelance work for Lorraine Wild, Hodgetts + Fung Architects, The Getty Research Center, Track 16 Gallery/Smart Art Press and Beyond Baroque Literary Art Center. In 2016 I was commissioned to create both a catalog and website for the annual COLA fellowships. View a PDF of the catalog here.

Public Art

I have created numerous permanent and temporary public art projects. These include: Above the Fold, a project for the Los Angeles International Airport (May 2017-January 2018, Iconic Abstractions (2017) a permanent artwork for the Crenshaw Imperial Library in Inglewood, CA. Three bright green tree shaped bike racks for the city of Santa Monica, CA (2014) Other projects include a ceramic tile mural for the UCLA Santa Monica Hospital (2008) and projects for the MTA Orange Line and the West Valley Police Station, both in Reseda, CA (2005).


I am a visual artist who also specializes in interactivity and interface design for both web and mobile. I have been doing web and graphic design for since the mid 1990s.

I am also a prolific arts writer, who can write PR as well as for social media. My teaching experience includes classes in photography, Flash animation, web design, digital tool as well as graduate critiques.

My freelance clients include artists, art galleries, museums and a variety of small businesses and corporations.

I am skilled in web design, HTML, WordPress, Flash, Dreamweaver and other programs in the Adobe Creative Suite and MS Office.

Click here to download my recent resume in PDF format. Click here for a bibliography of recent writings. Click here to send me an email.

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